Imagine having a BRAND NEW TOOTH in just ONE DAY!

Robotic Dentistry

We are not fooling ourselves, of course there are better things than having a new crown inserted. But, we can do something to make it as quick as possible. Are you interested?

Welcome to Cerec world, the future of Dentistry!

What is Cerec- Rombotic dentistry?

The revolution of digital technology is the use of robotics in dentistry. Our Clinic applies dental robotics via the CEREC© (CEramic REConstruction) system, which is a combination of machines (scanning/camera unit – milling unit) allowing the dentist to produce an immediate restoration in a single visit.

With this latest development of dental technology, you can have the perfect additive restoration for a beautiful and healthy smile in one single session, without repeated anaesthesia, impressions, temporary – transitional restoration and multiple appointments at the dentist and the dental laboratory. These restorations are ceramic (complete absence of metal) and are of a very high strength, biocompatibility, fit, longevity and aesthetics. It is only enough to think that 630 different , very high quality materials can currently support this technology (cad/ cam-CEREC).

How it works?

After the consultation the camera (omnicam) captures the area to be treated.

The dental prosthesis is then created as a 3D model on the computer.

Afterwards, the restoration created on the computer, is subsequently milled from a ceramic block.

Just a little while later,the finished ceramic restoration is inserted.


With the new software CEREC 4.0 we have the possibility to offer our patients a ceramic restoration in one/one and a half hour and in one single session, without using the conventional imprints (often causing discomfort and vomiting) and prosthetic restorations which sometimes produce irritation to the gums. Watch here the explanatory video.


What is applied for

Inlays & Onlays: The cosmetic alternative solution to amalgam, gold and resin. The all-ceramic inlays and onlays placed in the existing tooth are of a superior quality of the resin fillings.

Crowns & Bridges: The cosmetic solution for teeth that have suffered serious damage. All-ceramic crowns and bridges are ideal for cosmetic restorations in the upper and lower jaw.

Veneers: The cosmetic solution for front teeth. All ceramic veneers are an extremely thin ceramic layer which is placed directly on the front surface of the teeth.

Dental Implants: The cosmetic solution for teeth that have been lost. Missing teeth are restored without mobile prosthetic work and without grinding the healthy adjacent teeth to support bridges.


  • Painless sessions:

No more discomfort. No impressions needed. The patient doesn’t feel the long term annoying numbness of anesthesia.

  • Immediate results:

The patient can return to his routine activities after only one visit with his brand new tooth.

  • Recovery speed:

Speed and precision in prosthetic restoration in just one session.

  • Natural Teeth:

Perfect replica of the structure and physical properties of the teeth.

  • Immediate accuracy:

Accuracy and perfect fit, without any periodontal irritations.

  • Avoidance of anaesthesia:

All strong anaesthetics are avoided at subsequent visits.

  • All ceramic restorations:

These restorations do not contain metals, but have a greater hardness

  • High aesthetics:

A more aesthetic restoration with excellent colour rendering.

  • Conservative grinding:

The conservative grinding of the teeth prevents the necrosis of the pulp.


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CEREC restoration is produced every 10 seconds

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